Welcome to tofuNFT

tofuNFT is a completely highlighted decentralized commercial center for purchasing, selling and exchanging NFTs, made by SCV.Finance, and conveyed on different blockchains.


tofuNFT is intended to be not difficult to utilize, yet profoundly streamlined for proficient exchanging. It is a replacement of SCV's NFT Marketplace, what began as a side venture of SCV.Finance to serve our SCV NFT holders as a spot to trade interesting NFTs from blindboxes, and afterward developed quickly into one of the top NFT commercial centers on Binance Smart Chain with the most elevated exchanging volume.

tofuNFT is a totally reworked NFT market in view of our experience from SCV's NFT Marketplace. It acquires every one of the benefits, similar to quick stacking and progressed channels, and at the interim outfitted with many new highlights and improvements.

To advance more about how is tofuNFT not the same as the past SCV NFT Marketplace, read our itemized correlation sheet here.

Presently, just ERC-721 NFTs on BSC are adequate. We are extending to help ERC-1155 and more chains like Polygon very soon. You can peruse the guide for tofuNFT here.

Getting everything rolling

To begin exchanging on tofuNFT, you want to have utilize a wallet that is upheld. Right now, tofuNFT upholds the wallet underneath:


Wallet Connect


Trust Wallet




Coinbase Wallet

To sell NFT, you ought to visit the Profile page to peruse all NFTs you have. tofuNFT executed an extremely strong Profile that helps you search and channel among NFTs in your wallet, and track movements of every sort connected with your NFT and wallet.

There are for the most part 2 methods for exchanging a NFT on tofuNFT:

Fixed Price Listing

English Auction(with motivating force offering)

Both are sans gas and extremely simple to begin. Peruse our bit by bit guide on the best way to list your NFT on tofuNFT here.

In the wake of posting your NFT, it's prescribed to empower the Notification by means of Telegram include, so any buy or bid in closeouts will set off a notice shipped off you by our Telegram bot. Peruse the nitty gritty guidance on the best way to empower the notice for you.

For NFT Builders

tofuNFT is intended to meet the most necessities of the NFT Builders. Also, developer groups can get in touch with us to get checked.

Getting your NFT checked can give you:

Features on landing page

Progressed property sifting and looking

Sovereignty sharing (For groups with volume north of 50 BNB or comparable vol on different chains)

Installment in your token (For groups meeting our necessities)

Assuming that you are a part from NFT groups, if it's not too much trouble, read our nitty gritty presentation about Verified NFT Collection here. To get your NFT checked, fill the structure and we will get in touch with you soon.